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Positive Umpiring Feedback

Following round 2, YJFL recived a letter from the club regarding the great umpiring they received on the weekend.  It is often that the league and umpiring coaches only recieve negative feedback on umpiring and therefore was very refreshing to receive some positive feedback.

The umpires for this particular under 14 girls game offered plenty of talk on the ground and assisted the girls in learning the game. The umpires took their time to explain the requirements of the game. It was also great to see the support that theses clubs and their coaches provided the umpire during the game. A great quote from the letter was: “We are still learning & sometimes a call warrants more explanation so the kids can understand.”

Just like the players the umpires themselves are learning and developing their skills. It is a important reminder that Junior Football is about the kids participating and just like the kids playing, the umpires make mistakes as well. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fantastic league and club umpire of the YJFL. It is a tough role but you all do a fantastic job. We also appreciate stories, like this one, were clubs are supporting the umpires and creating a positive environment for all those involved. If you have any positive experiences at your club we would love to hear from you.

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