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2022 YJFL Finals Approvals & Rules

With an incoming finals series, the first since 2019, the YJFL would like outline a few different areas that players, officials and spectators need to be aware of.

The YJFL before each finals series publishes lists of those players who have been grant approvals for ‘Special Considerations’ and ‘Genuine Shortages’. These are outlined in the League By-Laws that state:

6.5.1 To be eligible to compete in a finals team, a player must have played the minimum number of games required in the team concerned. Where a team has one or more byes in a season, the number of games required will be reduced on a pro rata basis for finals qualification purposes. Exemptions to this requirement may be granted upon application to the League under the genuine shortage provisions (By Law 6.5.5), or because of injury or other special circumstances.

6.5.5 Where a team has a genuine shortage of eligible players for finals games, the Club may seek approval from the League for the utilisation of players from other teams other than the one claiming genuine shortage. The League must promptly determine an application made under this Rule and similarly notify the applicant Club of the determination. The intention of this By Law is to enable the team to field the minimum number of players in a final, and not to improve the performance of the team.

Click here to view all approved: Special Considerations & Genuine Shortages

All players, officials and spectators should be across the Finals rules, guidelines and expectations. Those are outlined within ‘Schedule I’ in the YJFL Rules and By-Laws and can be viewed here:

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