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YJFL Launch Love the Game Month

The Yarra Junior Football League makes a game plan to talk to kids about sports betting risks.

This month, not only will the Yarra Junior Football League participate in the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s Love the Game round but the Whitehorse Colts will be launching the month from Springfield Park. The YJFL stands united with hundreds of community clubs across the state against sports betting promotion.

‘The leaders in the YJFL made a game plan to talk to all players about the risks associated with sports betting,’ Aidan Paus, YJFL Marketing Coordinator. ‘With so many gambling ads out there, we need to ensure they understand the potential for harm.

‘Like other Love the Game partners, the YJFL refuses sports betting sponsorship and is taking a proactive approach in helping our players to develop the skills to think critically about sports betting ads and explore the risks the ads ignore.’

Foundation CEO Shane Lucas said it is concerning that kids, especially those who play or watch sport, are exposed to sports betting promotions from a young age.

‘Having grown up with sports betting ads all around them, it’s not surprising that young men – those aged 18–24 years – now make up almost a third of all sports bettors in Victoria, and that participation by young women is rising.

‘Our Love the Game partners play a crucial role in reducing the exposure of young people to sports betting ads and driving conversations about the risks of sports betting.

‘As role models, coaches can help equip younger players to make informed choices about gambling as they approach adulthood and, ultimately, reduce the risk of gambling harm.’

More than 650 sporting clubs, including Victoria’s 10 AFL teams, 12 leagues and commissions, and community clubs, are Love the Game partners. They encourage coaches and parents to talk to kids about the risks of sports gambling.

For hints and tips on how to speak to start the conversation, visit:

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