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YJFL adds Health Expert as final Board Member

Leading international health expert Patrick Clifton has been appointed to the Yarra Junior Football League’s Board, finalising the Board’s structure as the eighth sitting member.

Patrick is currently Associate Vice President of Player Health & Performance at the NBA in the USA, where he plays a key role in the creation and implementation of COVID protocols for the league.

Arriving at the AFL in 2012 as a football research and projects analyst, Patrick spent 9 years there and completed his time at the AFL in 2021 as the Head of Health, Safety & Laws, a similar role as to what he currently holds at the NBA. While at the AFL Patrick oversaw medical programs, policies and research, the Laws of the Game, Match Review and Tribunal system, along with football technology, research and innovations.

Patrick will assist the YJFL in its work with concussion and injury management, working closely with league medical partner Colbrow.

Bringing a great depth of knowledge and AFL experience to our League, Patrick specialises in sports administration, tribunals and technology and holds an honours degree in law and a PhD in mechanical engineering.

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