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Yarra Junior Football League announces major partnership with Makesure and Ratify

The Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL) is proud to announce a major partnership agreement with leading compliance and child safety organisations Makesure and Ratify.

This multi-year partnership will see the YJFL and Makesure and Ratify provide compliance and child safety resources to support clubs, coaches, and team volunteers to continue to create safe club environments within our league.

Makesure partners with organisations to provide fast and accurate checks for potential employees, including references and police reports. They offer a one-stop base for employee background, reference, and criminal checks, with over ten years of experience in providing human resources consulting services.

Ratify is a technology solution that helps organisations ensure compliance with child safety standards. By automating compliance checks, Ratify saves time and reduces the risk of non-compliance. It provides a secure and efficient way to manage all child safety documentation and ensures that all necessary checks are up-to-date and in place.

As an organisation that values the safety and well-being of all its members, the YJFL is committed to ensuring that child safety is a priority within the league. These partnerships will help the YJFL to achieve its vision of creating a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive environment for all children involved in the league.

YJFL CEO Aaron Bailey said, “These partnerships demonstrates the YJFL’s commitment to child safety and compliance and our dedication to working with industry leaders in the field to achieve our goals.”

“We are extremely grateful to have Makesure and Ratify join as major partners and we look forward to working with them ensure that YJFL continues to be a safe and welcoming place for participants.”



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