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Want kids to love the game, not the odds? Join the club

This month, community clubs across the state will demonstrate their passion for bet-free footy by participating in Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Love the Game, not the odds rounds.

More than 500 sporting clubs, including Victoria’s 10 AFL teams, 11 leagues and commissions, and community clubs are Love the Game partners, demonstrating to young people that sport and betting don’t have to go together.

‘Saying “no” to sports betting sponsorship was a no brainer for us,’ Tim Murray, YJFL CEO said.

‘We don’t want kids to grow up thinking it’s normal to bet on sport. Kids get involved in sport because they love the game, gain valuable skills and lifelong friendships.’

Foundation CEO Shane Lucas agreed, explaining that it is not surprising that men aged 18 to 24 are the biggest group of sports bettors in Victoria, given they have grown up surrounded by sports betting promotions on TV, in stadiums and arenas, and on their various devices.

‘Kids should be able to enjoy sport for sport’s sake and not be thinking about who is the favourite, or which player is going to score the first goal, in order to win a bet,’ Mr Lucas said.

‘The Love the Game program raises awareness of the risks associated with sports betting, reduces the number of promotions young people see, and encourages all of us to question whether sport and gambling should go together.

‘It’s about helping kids make informed choices about gambling as they approach adulthood – and helping them avoid gambling harm.’

For hints and tips on how to start a conversation with your kids about the risks of gambling, visit

Throughout 2021, Love the game, not the odds rounds will be played across Victoria. Participants are encouraged to share their photos and experiences on social media using #lovethegamenottheodds.

Media contact: Aidan Paus

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