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Vale Bob Rennison

The Yarra Junior Football League is deeply saddened by the passing of one of the most influential figures in its history – Robert Rennison.

Bob was one of the key figures in putting together the merger of the Doncaster District and Hawthorn District junior leagues in 1997, which resulted in the Yarra Junior Football League being formed. Having come from the Doncaster league where he was Vice President, he was a Board member of the YJFL for the first two seasons and then took over as President of the League in 1999 following in the footsteps of the inaugural President, Steve Stevens. Bob served as President for eleven seasons from 1999 to 2009 during which time the YJFL grew steadily in both club and team numbers.

He presided over the funding and building of the YJFL headquarters at Bulleen Park, a task that was many years in the making and required the coordination of the many stakeholders involved. Bob was passionate about junior football, and devoted many hours each week to ensuring the League was well managed and successful. He was made a Life Member of the YJFL for his outstanding service.

Bob was actively involved at club level with the Beverley Hills Junior Football Club as an active volunteer and was the Club President between 1983-1984. Bob also held the role of Vice President and numerous club roles in between.

The many club members and officials who came into contact with Bob over the years will remember a very friendly, kind and caring man who volunteered his services to the community in a very significant way, and he will always be remembered as one of the founders and strongest proponents of the YJFL.

The YJFL sends their condolences and best wishes to the Rennison family.

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