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Team of Year Match Summaries

On Wednesday the 12th of September, YJFL hosted two exhibition games featuring the 2018 teams of the year. We were very fortunate enough to have the Oakleigh Chargers send two very talented squads so that the teams were able to display their skills against tough opponents.

The YJFL teams of the year are selected based on club nomninations, oppostion nominations and umpire votes.

First up was the YJFL Youth Girls team against a group of Under 15/16 girls from Oakleigh Chargers.  This match displayed the future of female football as the game was played to such a high standard. Unfortunately Oakleigh were unable to hit the scoreboard, however they were a very talented young group and did not give up. Well done to coach Brydie Carmichael and the YJFL Team of the Year on their victory.

Summary of the Colts Game from Coach Monty Stuart.

The opportunity to represent the YJFL as a part of the Colts TOTY was a fitting way for all of the boys cap off what has been fantastic seasons for each one of them. Up against a highly talented Oakleigh Chargers development group with plenty to play for the YJFL team took a little while to get used to the pace of the game and settle into the night, but once they did so they were able to match it and at times up the speed and intensity in the game. The game was an incredibly tight and hard fought affair, with both sides giving it their all and refusing to let the opposition gain the ascendancy. Our backline held tough under intense Chargers pressure early, and then again late when the game was on the line, as well as providing us great run and drive. The midfield consistently gave us a presence around the contest, spreading hard from stoppages and dictating the pace through the middle of the ground. The YJFL forwards were dangerous around goals with a number of high class team plays ending in a shot on goal from the forwards. We eventually ran out 4 point winners, whilst anyone who was fortunate enough to be at the ground would agree that it was a quality game of football, displaying the best the YJFL Colts had to offer this year.

Best players on the night: Rhys Seakins, Curtis Brown, Bailey Beamish, Harry Tauber, Dom DiGiandomenico, Jesse Wilson.

Thanks to the following umpires who did a great job at officating on the night:

Anna Christie, Jack Wooler, Eamon Henriksen, Victoria Trentin, Charlotte Allen, Ben Thiele, Jon Thiele, Ben Lefebvre, Simon Illaretti, John Phillips, Bruce Davies & John Taylor.

Best of  luck to all top age Colts & Youth Girls on the rest of your football careers.
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