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Stars in the Spotlight: Episode 3

Episode 3 of YJFL Stars in the Spotlight is now LIVE hosted by Helen James and Rhys De Deugd. Bought to you by Provans Timber and Hardware – Mitre10 let’s check out what’s on this week’s episode!

  1. All the best photos of the week from the team at Frankie Photography featuring teams from Beverley Hills, Templestowe, Richmond and St Marys thanks to Anytime Fitness

  1. Colts Boys and Youth Girls Weekend Results thanks to Woodards Manningham

  1. Rhys has a post match chat with our A1 bakery fairfield players of the day Sienna Tallariti and Emma Stilve from the Whitehorse Colts Football and Netball Club

  1. We have match day highlights from the Colts 1 ANZAC Day clash between Ashy Redbacks vs Sharks Junior Football Club (PONRPJFC)

  1. And with an election fast approaching, we just had to ask some of our junior YJFL stars “What would you do if you could be Prime Minister for the day?”

Feel free to share this episode on your club page, tag your mates and leave us a comment if there is something you would like to see in next weeks show!

And until next time… GET YOUR GAMEFACE ON!
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