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Representative Footy Match Reports

by Holly Ridewood

Under 13’s Girls Division 2

YJFL 1.5.11 Defeated by MPJFL 5.8.38

BOG: Isabella Teoh

There were perfect conditions at Ford Park for the Under 13 Girls. It was a rough start for the Yarra team with Mornington kicking four goals early in the quarter. Although the scores were not close, the pressure the YJFL team was producing was amazing, with hard tackles being laid left right and centre, the ball could barely get out. Even after all the challenging work, MPJFL led by 26 points at the first break. It was a great start to the second term with Emelie Coves kicking a great first goal from the boundary, which finally put a score on the board for Yarra. With Evie Scott’s quality ruck work, and Isabella Teoh’s terrific ball movement, the Yarra girls only let Mornington kick a singular goal that quarter. The 3rd and 4th quarters had increased pressure from both sides, making it very tough to score. Despite the many chances we had, Yarra kicked four behinds in the last term and MPJFL were left scoreless. Despite our vigorous efforts the girls could not get the win, and unfortunately lost 11- 38. The best on ground award was given to Isabella Teoh with a well-deserved medal, and Shanae Plunkett was awarded with the Coaches award for the day.

Under 13’s Boys Division 2

YJFL 3.3.21 defeated by MPJFL 10.7.67

Best players: S. O’Brien, D. Ferraro, J. Biddell, J. Ryan, R. Thompson, R. Cleary

The sun was shining very bright for the Under 13 Boys with a tough game ahead of them, the Mornington side took an early lead in the first quarter, kicking four consecutive goals even against Yarra’s immense pressure in their forward fifty. Making the Yarra boys trail by twenty-five points at the first break. In a tough and fast paced contest during the second quarter, the YJFL started to find their feet and with the assist from Marcus Tangey onto Riley Thompson who kicked their first goal for the day. Although MPJFL was in the lead by thirty-two points at half time, Coach Aaron Johnson had encouraging words to help inspire the players for the next half. The final term was a skilled display from both sides, with Yarra’s backline providing solid defence in MPJFL’s forward half. With outstanding marks from Xavier Noonan and Archie Coady, Yarra went on to kick another goal and two behinds late in the quarter. Despite YJFL’s relentless efforts MPJFL made the most of their chances and won by forty-six in the end. Sam O’Brien was awarded best on ground with an exceptional performance in today’s game, followed by captain Luca Phelan awarded with the coaches award.

Under 13’s Girls Division 1

YJFL 2.4.16 defeated by MPJFL 3.9.27

Best player: Coco Balmain

As the clouds covered Ford Park, we were met with a tough and physical game right from the start, with multiple skills being shown all over the ground, the Yarra girls were in for a hard game. It was a difficult first quarter with Mornington scoring the first two goals and leading the entire quarter. It was a great start from Coco Balmain with quality ball movement, and Alba Nolan with terrific clearances. In the second term Yarra increased their intensity and kept Mornington to just one goal that quarter with tight defence and fast ball movement. With the half time scores being 1-25, coach Luke Paramanathan gave uplifting words to help encourage these girls to try their best and have fun. A great start to the third quarter, with Scarlett Bown taking a wonderful mark and finishing it off with the first goal to the YJFL team. The last term was a tight contest with Lily Parker kicking a great goal to bring Yarra only eleven points behind. It was a great match up between both teams even with the age gap, the Yarra girls fought hard to get as close as they did, but unfortunately, they lost 16-27. Coco Balmain played an outstanding game and was awarded with the BOG award, followed by Scarlett Bown who was given coaches award.

Under 13’s Boys Division 1

YJFL 4.3.27 defeated by MPJFL 13.11.89

Best Players: TJ. Kosta, D. Bullock, G, Redin, J. Tucker, A. Sellers, T. Wilson

Yarra came up against an extremely tall and talented MPJFL, and it was a tough battle from the first bounce to the last siren. A strong start from Mornington, with them kicking the first goal within the first 30 seconds of the match, also followed by another 5 goals in that term. The second quarter was looking better for the YJFL team with an amazing mark being taken by Tanner Wilson to then kick to Ben Nicholls, for Yarra to secure their first goal for the game. Destefanis also kicked a lovely soccer goal from about twenty-five out, which lead to a lift in spirit for the Yarra boys. The half time scores (15-56) weren’t a reflection of the hard work the YJFL boys were putting in. The last two quarters of this match were a tight battle, with Noonan getting lots of the ball and TJ Kosta taking a great mark, the YJFL boys really did try their hardest. TJ Kosta played a particularly important role in the game and was awarded with BOG.

Under 16’s Boys

YJFL 7.8.50 defeated by MPJFL 9.4.58

Best Players: W. Spratt, G. Sardelis, D. Rozon, P.Miranzi, L. Webb, R. Hunt

Cold conditions at Ford Park for under sixteen boys match on Wednesday, Yarra came up against some fierce competition with the MPJFL. Mornington started well by kicking the first goal of the game which was followed by Louis Hodder scoring the first goal for the Yarra side from about twenty metres out. It was a tight contest early in the game and Yarra secured the lead at quarter time. The second quarter was a tough matchup between both teams and Mornington had the upper hand and managed to score three lucky goals to put them in front. Half time scores were 23-25, Yarra down by two in a remarkably close game. Liam Webb and Sam Stephens (the captains for the day) really stepped up in the second half to lead their team for a close finish. In the last quarter we saw Panashe Miranzi take an exceptional mark in front of goals and kicked one to bring Yarra only eight points away from Mornington. In the end it was MPJFL who came up on top by winning by a close eight points. William Spratt played a great game and was awarded with the best on ground award.

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