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Match Report – Player Perspective

Ever wondered what is like to represent YJFL?

Ever wondered how the players perceive the game?

Besides from being a  great footballer, Fraser Siesmaa has a talent for writing match reports. Read about Fraser’s  experience representing YJFL in the Under 16 Interleague Team.

U16 YJFL vs AFL GM Academy

U16 YJFL ended their short stint together with a convincing win over the AFL GM Academy by 28 points last Friday.

Both teams got off to quick starts with YJFL kicking a goal in the first minute and AFL GM Academy responding in the next two minutes with their own goal. Wind was a huge factor in this match as both teams struggled to hit targets consistently all day.

Pressure from both sides was huge, with constant tackling and harassing on the opposition when in possession of the ball. After the first two quarters there was only two goals kicked in the game and opportunities were missed at both ends of the ground.

YJFL midfield worked well with Baxter Evans and Adam Heward controlling the ruck and getting it down to the quick rovers.

After a close third quarter this game looked like it was going down to the wire. YJFL had a great start to the last quarter kicking a goal in the first minute to give them a three-point lead. They wouldn’t stop there, kicking another four goals to run away with the game comfortably.

Great leadership from Josh Jackson and Julian Callegari in the middle helped the YJFL come home with a win. It was a great team effort with everyone playing their role.

As a player it was a great experience to represent the YJFL in this match. It was also a great developmental opportunity listening to and learning from experienced coaches. The comradery between players from different teams was excellent and a pleasure to be a part of.

We look forward to some more of Fraser’s match reports in the future.

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