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Life Membership - David Hannan

The YJFL Board is pleased to announce the Life Membership of YJFL to David Hannan.

YJFL President Rob Gould congratulates David Hannan on his Life Membership.
YJFL President Rob Gould congratulates David Hannan on his Life Membership.

David joined the YJFL through Bulleen Templestowe JFC as a parent when his son Damian commenced his football journey in 2001 and was an active volunteer during his time at Bulleen Templestowe JFC.

In 2006, he started umpiring in the YJFL and he was joined in later years by his son Damian. In 2009, under the guidance of Peter Graham, the League restructured the Umpiring Group and David was appointed the YJFL Umpire Manager in 2010.

As a leader in the field, his focus has always been on rewarding and mentoring the young, up and coming umpires. He also aims to make training enjoyable whilst striving to make umpiring more welcoming for younger umpires. He was the Umpire Manager during the period which saw the League grow exponentially and umpire numbers expanded significantly to over 400.

David was at the forefront of supporting the Camberwell Grammar Umpiring Academy and implemented satellite bases at St Marys and Park Orchards, giving the outer based clubs access to umpire training.

David, with the support of club personnel grew the Club Supplementary Umpire program, which saw strong umpiring numbers from Brunswick JFC, Camberwell JFC and Surrey Park JFC. Many of these young players have since gone on to become League umpires.

We thank David for his significant contribution to football and umpiring at the YJFL.

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