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Boroondara soar high with a new look in 2022

In 2022 the Boroondara Hawks are sporting a new look with the club opting to change their guernsey design, colours, and logo all to signify a new era for the club.

The new guernsey design now sports a stylised gold Hawk that spreads over the chest with navy blue below and on the back and red in the upper chest region. These colours all being pulled from their two junior partner clubs, Canterbury Cobras and Balwyn Greythorn Jets.

Club President Adam Carrozza started the extensive process with a high-level approach.

“Now we started with a real macro look. It’s like, do we change the name? In the initial brainstorm phase, nothing was off limits.”

Looking to change the name was a consideration that Adam and his committee had, but ultimately it was decided that ‘Boroondara’ was too significant to change.

“We all agreed that the name is a bit iconic. Boroondara as a name is well known. It does represent the locality of where we play and the areas that we represent. So, Boroondara was important to us.”

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Next was to look at the design and the logo of the club. Knowing the Hawks was an essential element of the club, it was imperative keeping the Hawk and incorporating the Jets and Cobras as much as possible. This proved to be one of the most enjoyable times of the process for Adam and his team.

“What we’ve come up with is an incorporation of both clubs, and I think what it does and what we believe is that it honours both of those clubs and gives it a fresh look that hasn’t been seen before. We’ve even gone through the process of changing the actual logo of the Hawks that has transformed dramatically. It’s now a full gold Hawk and central to the playing guernsey.”

The Hawks are developing their club for the next decade and with this new appearance it’s only the start of what Adam and his team see for their future.

“In terms of how I look at this, it isn’t a one, two or three year rebrand. This is for over 10 years. What we’d like to think is this concept, these colours and this rebrand suffices for a long period of time. We’ve actually got something that speaks to the community that we were ready for something new. But more importantly, that speaks to the clubs that are choosing to partner with us, and what we’re hoping is that that really consolidates that relationship forward.”

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Boroondara have also introduced their first ever girls team who were introduced in from the Balwyn Greythorn Jets. This exciting new addition to a club that has always had boys brings a new breadth to the club. Adam is energised to have this new team and brings in a great coach.

“This new Under 15’s girls side is huge for our club and is a testament to our partnership with the Jets and Cobras. Also having Amber Walker as the new coach is awesome for the young girls to learn off a young up and coming senior player.”

The introduction of the new look and for the first time ever a girls team, Boroondara Hawks are aiming to fly high from 2022 onwards.

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