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BJS Insurance Umpire of the Month – May

Congratulations to May’s BJS Insurance Umpire of the Month: Sarah Doyle & Oscar Hoath!

Both Sarah & Oscar have been exceptional thus far in their umpiring careers. They both have a professional attitude, are great on the training track and have a willingness to listen and learn.

Umpire Administrator Ben Lefebvre highly compliments both Sarah and Oscar.

“Sarah has been a great addition to the YJFL’s umpiring team. As a boundary umpire she has been chosen to umpire the older age groups and been exceptional running the boundary line in all games. Oscar is in his second year, and has been developing at a quick pace. He communicates well to players during the game and is very clear and confident with the calls he makes.”

Well done to Sarah & Oscar and thank you to all umpires in the YJFL, those who are League umpires and those from Clubs who keep our games running.

Keep an eye out next month for June’s BJS Insurance Umpire of the Month.

Sarah with the umpiring team in Sundays game

The field umpiring team in Sunday’s game at Canterbury Sportsground (right: Oscar)

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