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AFL Vic Metro Junior Development Series reaches conclusion over King's Birthday Weekend.

Photo by Jordan Oliva

The 2023 AFL Vic Metro Junior Development Series concluded over the King’s Birthday long weekend with Round Two and Three games taking place on Saturday 10 June and Monday the 12 June.


The Yarra Magpies Under 14 and 15 boys and girls representative teams ended their campaigns on Monday completing a journey that began at the end of 2022 and continued through the first half of 2023 with a series of training sessions and trial matches.

YJFL General Manager of Commercial & Operations, Brad Jamison, commended the players and coaches for their dedication and achievements.

“The YJFL extends its congratulations to everyone involved in the Yarra Magpies Academy Program in 2023.”

“It is a great accomplishment to be selected to represent the league and all players should all be extremely proud of what they have achieved in the program, concluding with the AFL Victoria Metro Junior Development Series.”

“The YMA Program provides a place for development of skills both on and off the field, and it is a testament to the hard work of the players, the coaches, and everyone involved that we were able to have a successful program once again in 2023.”


U15 Boys Division One – Scammell Reserve, Oakleigh

YJFL 7.7. 49 def by. SMJFL 13.12. 90

Best Players: Max Downes, Samuel Gayfer, Thomas Reid, Matteo Cafiso, Harry van Hattum, Rylee Ratkovic

Goals: 2 Max Downes, Kai Parker, Sam Parker, Tyler Hamilton, Willem Verwoert, Samuel Gayfer

U15 Boys Division Two – Scammell Reserve, Oakleigh

YJFL 3.4. 22 def by. SMJFL 10.6. 66

Best Players: Archie McManamny, Flynn Woolhouse, Albie De Rooden, Adam Samie, Private player, Cristian Athanasopoulos

Goals: Mason Scott-Bommert, Harvey De Bono, Flynn Woolhouse

U15 Girls Division One – RSEA Park, Moorabbin

YJFL 10.8. 68 def. SMJFL 5.5 35

Best Players: Emily Rankin, Elizabeth Wotherspoon, Lola Stone, Pippa Medley, Jasmine Knowles, Eden Ferguson

Goals: 2 Zoe Lethlean, 2 Jessica Fragomeni, 2 Rachel Pereira, 2 Eden Ferguson, 2 Elizabeth Wotherspoon

U15 Girls Division Two – RSEA Park, Moorabbin

YJFL 9.12. 66 def. SMJFL 1.2. 8

Best Players: Violet Muleta, Isabella Lord, Zara Littlepage, Molly Phillips, Isabel Stoney, Victoria McKenzie

Goals: 2 Jemima Perry, 2 Isabel Stoney, 2 Holly Crimmins, Livia Saraceno, Katie Hersom, Sienna Bandera

U14 Boys Division One – Ford Park, Bellfield

YJFL 12.7. 79 def. SMJFL 3.4. 22

Best Players: Koby McDonald, Oliver Flanagan, Sacha Demetriou, Tanner Wilson, Darcy Noonan, Matthew Fairchild

Goals: 2 Ben Nicholls, 2 Tanner Wilson, 2 Andrew Forrest, 2 Oliver Bond, Koby McDonald, Sonny Johnson, Lucas Macheda, Matthew Fairchild

Photos by Jordan Oliva

U14 Boys Division Two – Ford Park, Bellfield

YJFL 5.7. 37 def by. SMJFL 11.8. 74

Best Players: Edward Beauchamp, Micah McGown, Jack Calthorpe, Jaidyn Mcneil, Private player, Luca Phelan

Goals: 3 Jaidyn McNeil, Dante Ferraro,

Photos by Jordan Oliva

U14 Girls Yarra – RSEA Park, Moorabbin

YJFL 7.5. 47 def. SMFJL 4.12. 36

Best Players: Tessa Berryman, Lucy Edwards, Summa Smith, Jamison Harding, Chloe Chesser, Coco Balmain

Goals: 3 Lily Parker, 2 Chloe Chesser, Lucy Edwards, India Johnston

U14 Girls Magpies – Martin Reserve, Hadfield

YJFL 12.10. 82 def. EDFL 0.4. 4

Best Players: Gypsy Buckland, Ruby Douglas, Lacey Ingram, Sophie Richardson, Tilda Sinclair, Isabella Teoh

Goals: 4 Gypsy Buckland, 3 Lacey Ingram, 2 Sophie Richardson, 2 Matilda Chalker, Audrey Mckinley


U15 Boys Division One – Binnak Park, Watsonia

YJFL 10.11. 71 def. EFNL 3.10. 28

Best Players: Zac Antonellos, Matthew Kayrooz, Willem Verwoert, Thomas Reid, Jack Poustie, Max Downes

Goals: 3 Willem Verwoert, Rylee Ratkovic, Zac Antonellos, Hudson Lawrence, Charlie Robbins, Charles Anastasopoulos, Reyhan Baldac, Samuel Gayfer

U15 Boys Division Two – Binnak Park, Watsonoia

YJFL 15.11. 101 def. RDFNL 5.6. 36

Best Players: Flynn Woolhouse, Nicolas Phillips, Sonny Caruso, Harvey De Bono, William Collinson, Charles Harris

Goals: 7 Flynn Woolhouse, 2 Nicolas Phillips, Ben Pearce, William Collinson, Harvey De Bono, Ashton Stojkovski, Sonny Caruso

Photos by Field of View Photography

U15 Girls Division One – Ford Park, Bellfield

YJFL 1.1. 7 def by. EFNL 8.8. 56

Best Players: Eden Ferguson, Zoe Lethlean, Rosie Wilson, Emily Rankin, Lola Stone, Pippa Medley

Goals: Emily Rankin

U15 Girls Division Two – Walker Park, Nunawading

YJFL 5.7. 37 def by. EFNL 6.5. 41

Best Players: Isabel Stoney, Victoria McKenzie, Molly Phillips, Kaitlyn McIntyre, Frances Saviane, Milla Haas

Goals: 2 Molly Phillips, Jemima Perry, Livia Saraceno, Isabel Stoney

U14 Boys Division One – Binnak Park, Watsonia

YJFL 3.5. 23 def by. EFNL 11.7. 73

Best Players: Tanner Wilson, Sacha Demetriou, Darcy Noonan, Remy Spalding, Matthew Fairchild

Goals: Alex Chondros, TJ Kosta, Max Porter

U14 Boys Division Two – Binnak Park, Watsonia

YJFL 2.3. 15 def by. RDFNL 7.8. 50

Best Players: Micah McGown, Edward Beauchamp, Hugh Murchie, Fletcher Young, Dante Ferraro, Jack Calthorpe

Goals: Jaiydn McNeil, Hugh Murchie

U14 Girls Yarra – Ford Park, Bellfield

YJFL 2.7. 19 def by. SMJFL 8.6. 54

Best Players: Coco Balmain, Summa Smith, Lucy Edwards, Eden Ackland, Lara Acfield, Tessa Berryman

Goals: Zara Ferrante

Photos by Jordan Oliva

U14 Girls Magpies – Ford Park, Bellfield

YJFL 8.19. 67 def. EDFL 0.1. 1

Best Players: Ruby Douglas, Isabella Teoh, Scarlett Bown, Ruby Callahan, Allegra Paoli, Isabelle Percival-Tine Goals: 3 Gypsy Buckland, 2 Sophie Richardson, Scarlett Bown, Isabelle Percival-Tine, Audrey Mckinley

The Yarra Magpies Program is proud to have the support of our partners Collar Group, Hire Depot and Hairhouse.

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