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A Night for the Yarra Umpires

Last night the YJFL held the annual Umpire Presentation Night online for the first time.

A night full of guests, interviews and awards, last night’s presentation event had it all. Hosted by Jon and Ben Thiele, two of the YJFL’s most experienced umpires, it was an occasion to recognise those who make our game possible.

We’d like to thank AFL Umpires Matt Stevic and Nick Brown for joining us and wish Matt all the best for the AFL Grand Final next week.

Also give thanks to Andrew Talbot from Umpire AFL, YJFL Vice President Ishbel Moodie and YJFL CEO Tim Murray for joining to give out a message and present awards.

Congratulations also go out to Surrey Park JFC for winning the AFL Umpire Engagement Award.

Thanks to all that joined and interacted during the event and we look forward to seeing you next year in season 2022.

Award Winners

Golden Whistle Award

Andrew Chau

Encouragement Awards

Bulleen Group – Luke Cariss-Brett

Lynden Park Group – Sarah Poustie

Junior Development Award-Best First Year Field Umpire

Will Edney

Most Improved Field Umpire

Joshua Stacey

Boundary Umpire of the Year – Robert Hill Award

Archie Bettiol

Most Improved Boundary Umpire

Harry Apostolopoulos

Best First Year Boundary Umpire

Finn Horan

Coaches Award Field Umpire

Bulleen Group – Thomas Masters

Lynden Park Group – Fergus Grave

Coaches Award Boundary Umpire

Lynden Park Group – Jennifer Moore

Bulleen Group – Hamish Stewart

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