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Girls football rules

What are the rules in Girls Football?

*  Players allowed to take the ball from the ruck


** Note – Modified Tackle – A player in possession of the ball may be tackled by an opponent wrapping both arms around the area below the top of the shoulders and on/above the knees. 
The tackle may be from either side or from behind, providing the tackle from behind does not thrust forward player with the ball (i.e. push the player in the back).

Kicking the ball off the ground – Players are not permitted to kick the ball off the ground in Under 8 Mixed, Under 9 Mixed, Under 10 Mixed, Under 9 Girls and Under 10 Girls.

If the player in possession of the ball is taken to the ground in the act of tackling, they will receive a free kick.

If the umpire feels the player drops to the ground deliberately in order to receive a free kick, they will be penalised for holding the ball.

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