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Junior Development Series Round 3 Review


Under 15 Boys – Division 1

Yarra Magpies 8.11.59 defeated Northern FL 7.8.50

In windy conditions the boys worked well for three quarters but couldn’t convert and found themselves down by three goals at the final break.  However, through great team spirit and some courageous acts we kicked the last four goals of the match, and held Northern goalless in the final quarter, to run out nine point winners.

(Photo Credit: NWM Sports)

Under 15 Boys – Division 2

Northern FL 6.8.44 defeated Yarra Magpies 7.4.46

Goal Kickers: X. Saviane 2, F. Park, J. Weddle, D. Cotter, B. Lindeman Best Players: J. Fell, H. Waters, J. McInerney, G. Thodis, B. Lindeman, X. Saviane

In what some would say as one of the better Under 15 matches, the Yarra Magpies were strong out of the blocks taking a lead with a strong breeze assisting.  Northern FL fought back in the second quarter, but an extraordinary goal by Finlay Park assisted by clever football from Daniel Cotter on the half time siren gave the Yarra Magpies the slightest lead at half time. The third quarter, the Northern FL got on top against the breeze to take a goal advantage into the last quarter. In a ferocious, tense last quarter the Yarra Magpies fought tooth and nail to work themselves back into the lead, however a free kick with 40 seconds to go gave NFL a shot after the siren to win the match by 2 points.  The Yarra boys were gallant in defeat and were spirited in their fight all day. Josh Fell was tremendous all day as was Herschel Waters and Xavier Saviane.

(Photo Credit: NWM Sports)

Under 14 Boys – Division 1

Yarra Magpies 11.11.77 defeated Northern FL 3.4.22

Goal Kickers: W. Lorenz 3, L. Guymer 2, O. Purcell 2, W. La Motte 2, I. Barry, I. Markovsky Best Players: W. La Motte, L. Guymer, I. Barry, L. Visser, C. Connell-Tobin, T. McManus

From the first bounce it was a physical game with both sides going in hard to win the contested ball. We managed to score three goals kicking with a slight breeze to lead at quarter time by 19 points. In the second quarter we continued our run through the middle although rushed kicks inside 50 let us down kicking 2 goals and 7 behinds for the quarter. Our focus at half time was to ensure our ball use going inside 50 improved and to be more patience with the ball but Northern denied this from us and they come out firing in the third term. At three quarter time the message was once again to finish the game off strong. We kicked the first goal for the quarter and from there we controlled majority of the play kicking four goals.

Under 14 Boys – Division 2

Yarra Magpies 13.10.88 defeated Northern FL 4.5.29

Goal Kickers: A. Johnson 2, A. Cardamone 2, R. McKenzie 2, E. King 2, A. Azzopardi, M. White, S. Stone, C. Gravell, C. O’Callaghan Best Players: R. McKenzie, E. King, C. Lord, A. Cardamone, C. Gravell, C. O’Callaghan

After a tight first quarter, the Yarra boys were able to open up a four goal lead at half time. Our forwards were lively all game, with our smalls kicking multiple goals and our talls marking everything that went near them. The midfield controlled the stoppages allowing us to run away with a 59 point win. Our final match was an impressive overall team performance, which was a culmination of everything the boys had learnt during the series.  Best on Ground was awarded to onballer Rohan McKenzie.

Under 15 Girls – Division 1

Eastern Region Girls 6.5.41 defeated Yarra Magpies 3.6.24

Goal Kickers: M. Girolami, D. Cooper, D. Getson Best Players: J. Jackson, L. Podmore, M. McErlain, A. Jordan, J. Ryan, M. Danaher

Monday morning, celebrating the Queens birthday and in the back ground Fight MND. The girls for the last time as a group came out fighting. Eastern Girls had some really strong players up forward, kicking away from the very start. We pulled up our socks and hit back late in the first quarter. It was a tug of war from then on, only 11 points down at the start of the final quarter, unfortunately for the Yarra girls it was all too late they really tried to put some movement forward but Eastern Girls were just too strong, we failed to hit the score board even though we had plenty of opportunity we just couldn’t get it through the big sticks.

Under 15 Girls – Division 2

Western Region FL 7.6.48 defeated Yarra Magpies 0.3.3

Best Players: S. Martinez , C. Caminiti, C. Cococcia, I. Caminiti, P. Edwards, I. Italiano

We came against a strong lineup from Western. They were bigger, more experienced and while they did manage a few goals, they did not have it all their way. Despite the scoreboard, we were at every contest, with some high pressure tackles. We regularly got the ball to our forward line, though Western defense held strong and prevented any major scores. Most of the game was spent through the midfield and our back 50, where we fought hard to keep them less than 2 goals a quarter. For us Izzy, and Petra were our main ball winners. The twins Bella and Claudia had plenty of possessions and were able to run it out of the backline often.

Despite such a competitive opposition, we Played our best footy to finish off the series.

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