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Coronavirus Announcement for the YJFL community (12/3/20)

Announcement for the YJFL community

Just an update on what we are doing today re: the Coronavirus. I understand the concern we all have at this difficult time, and commit to you to provide as many messages as required to keep you updated about what the YJFL is doing to support our Clubs and keep our League running.

We have spoken to Carey Grammar, the AFL, other League’s and are trying to clarify with the DHHS (the Department of Health) about their advice.

The issue that we need clarity on now, beyond the government published advice, is how to deal with children, siblings & parents/officials from schools that have been closed down. It could be said, out of an abundance of caution, that we should not let those families attend any matches or training, but other codes (such as Soccer (Football Victoria) & Cricket (ECA)) have made different decisions about how to handle, and neither of their positions are right for us given what we know.

In the meantime, please stay in contact via email to Our team are running the League as best we can in the hope of a ‘normal’ season. Those of you who have been around the League for a while would remember during the drought we started many weeks later as the grounds were too hard, so changes to the season are not unprecedented, but a major public health event is new for us. 

We are acutely aware of the importance of recreation & sport at this time , and I assure you that will be a factor in our thinking.

Our prior advice to our Clubs about dealing with the Coronavirus disease remains unchanged, namely, the YJFL recommends all in our community be made aware of the following guidelines:

1.    Players, coaches & other officials including team managers, umpires and spectators should self-assess whether to exclude themselves from training or matches based on the Australian Government and Department of Health guidelines:

2.    Players, coaches, team managers and umpires should observe a high-level of personal hygiene during matches particularly during refreshment breaks, and provide hand sanitiser/wash facilities as appropriate.

3.    It is strongly suggested that each player and umpire have their own drink bottles for use at refreshment breaks, and no sharing of uniforms, guernseys etc. 

Take care, thanks for your support, and I’ll be in touch.

Tim Murray


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