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Auskick Coordinator of the Year – Central Melbourne Inner

Pat Cooper from the Beverley Hills Auskick Centre has been awarded the AFL Victoria Auskick Coordinator of the Year for the Central Melbourne Inner Region in 2018. Under Pat’s guidance Beverley Hills JFC have benefitted from the strong pathway developed between the Junior Club and Auskick.

Like many of us, Pat spends the winter months immersing himself in all things football – he is the coach of the Beverley Hills Under 12 side, Auskick coach, Auskick Coordinator of three Centres and a committee member of the Beverley Hills JFC. The contributions Pat has made to the Auskick Program date back to the 2011 season where Pat first joined the centre as a volunteer coach. Since then he has gone on to become the Beverley Hills Auskick Coordinator and has added a Friday night Auskick centre to the outstanding development program, resulting in Beverley Hills JFC enjoying the benefits of three Auskick Centres in alignment with the Junior Club. Pat has admirably continued to stay involved as a coordinator even after his children had exceeded the Auskick participation age.

Pat has put in enormous effort throughout his eight-year reign to ensure continued participation growth at the centre. These efforts include coordinating in-school clinics and attending school football competitions, school fetes and school assemblies to promote the program.

On behalf of the YJFL and AFL Victoria we would like to congratulate and thank Pat Cooper for his significant contribution to football in the region.

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