Want to be an Umpire?

In 2022 the YJFL is facing a shortage of umpires. We are reaching out to the greater YJFL community to find those within our clubs who are keen to give it a go!

Find the answer to many questions you may have below, if you have more, please email our Umpire Coordinator: ben.lefebvre@yarrajfl.org.au

Also check out our ‘Umpire game-day cheat sheet’. This will assist before the game you umpire to make sure you’re aware of all the YJFL rules and obligations.

More information on umpires including training times and to register can be found here.

2022 Umpires Information Booklet

Info sheet for new umpires to the YJFL 2022


  • Is the YJFL affected by the national umpire shortage?

This season the YJFL is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of field umpires due to back-to-back COVID-impacted seasons and a nationwide labor shortage. Despite best efforts to recruit new umpires and retain past umpires, we are roughly 30 field umpires short across our competition.

  • What is the YJFL doing to get matches up and running with umpires?

To fill the gap, we are calling upon our YJFL clubs and club umpires to assist us with filling some of the matches that would previously have only been officiated by league field umpires.

  • What is a league umpire?

YJFL League umpires are appointed to matches by the YJFL umpiring department each week at grounds across the YJFL from age groups ranging from U11s to our U18 youth girls and colts boys competitions. Weekly training is compulsory for umpires at one of our umpire training sites. League umpires have the opportunity to umpire YJFL finals and rep matches.

  • What is a club umpire?

Club umpires are field umpires rostered by our clubs to only umpire matches at their club’s home ground. In years past club umpires have been limited to the U8s/U9s/U10s age groups.

  • Which matches will club umpires officiate?

In addition to the U8s, U9s and U10s, club umpires will have the opportunity to umpire competitive matches from the U11s up. Due to the nature of the League umpiring group and the way in which the League appointments umpires, we anticipate the age groups that will most likely require a club umpire will be the U13s, U14s and U15s.

  • How do I assist my club as a club umpire?

Each club is different and rosters club umpires differently. You should contact your YJFL club’s secretary to find out more about how you can assist with club umpiring in 2022. 

  • Who can become a club umpire?

Anyone that has a knowledge and love of the game can help out as a club umpire. Parents, siblings, past players are all examples of people that would make for excellent club umpires.

  • As a club umpire, will I be required to umpire each week?

Each club’s requirement will be different, however most weeks the clubs will have U8s,U9s and U10s matches to cover. In addition they will be handful of competitive matches in the older age group matches to be covered across the season.

  • Will club umpires be paid?

Club umpires will be paid at the rate of League umpires receive. See attached the YJFL umpire rates of pay.

  • As a club umpire, where do I access a copy of the local rules for YJFL matches?

Matches in the U8s, U9s and U10s have a unique set of rules and match conditions. Copies of these rules are available both on the YJFL website and as a printed copy on hand that will be available in the umpire rooms.

Likewise, a cheat sheet will be made available to club umpires stepping into competitive matches. The cheat sheet will include local rules as well as the administrational requirements of umpires post-match such as votes. The cheat sheet is available on the YJFL website as well as at YJFL grounds.

  • As a club umpire, will I have the same level of authority as a League Umpire when officiating YJFL matches?

Yes, club field umpires officiating League competitive matches from the U11s up will, for intents and purposes, be considered a League umpire. During these matches club umpires will be entitled to the same level of respect and have the same level authority as would any of our League umpires. This includes the ability to send off players for poor behaviour, report players for serious reportable offenses, and complete votes that count towards to the League best and fairest.

  • Can I still become a league umpire?

Yes, the League is always recruiting new umpires. Interested umpires should express their interest to the YJFL Umpire Coordinator Ben Lefebvre, ben.lefebvre@yarrajfl.org.au, with their name, age, and umpiring experience (if any).

  • Do club umpires need a uniform?

Clubs will provide club umpires with a whistle and an umpiring top for the match. If club umpires would like to wear the full YJFL umpiring kit, they can register with OfficialsHQ and upon completion of the introductory online accreditation program they will receive a free full YJFL uniform.

  • Do club umpires need to be accredited?

No, however for those club umpires that would like to take their knowledge to the next level, accreditation courses are available for free through the OfficialsHQ platform.

  • Should club umpires register on OfficialsHQ?

Registration on OfficialsHQ is optional for club umpires, however it is recommended as it assists club administrators with payments to club umpires for the matches they officiate in the competitive grades. Umpires also have the ability to complete their accreditation through OfficialsHQ and receive a free uniform.


  • I still have questions regarding umpiring at the YJFL?

You can contact the YJFL Umpire Coordinator Ben Lefebvre, ben.lefebvre@yarrajfl.org.au, with any further questions.