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Over the past few years, the YJFL has invested heavily in ensuring our game is safer, and that includes introducing qualified medics at many YJFL game, engaging with independent experts and conducting research studies. One of the main focuses has been head injuries and concussion.

Colbrow Medics will institute and monitor the implementation of a consistent concussion treatment regime.

The Colbrow Medic at a match where a head injury occurs will liaise with the Team Manager or Trainer of the team concerned to obtain information about how it occurred, and include it in their injury report. The Colbrow Medics will then conduct a specific report on Concussions/Head injuries in which the YJFL will follow up the week following the match. If the report is incomplete, this can be further clarified when the YJFL makes the follow-up phone calls.

About the YJFL’s Concussion Protocol

The YJFL Injury Protocol for 2024 will be as follows:

  • Club trainers to follow AFL protocols and use the HeadCheck App which is also available free for parents and others.

  • Colbrow Medics will be allocated to a selection of YJFL venues and costs will be covered by the YJFL.

  • The Colbrow Medic will complete a report on every injury they are made aware of at the venue, and these reports will be made available to the YJFL by 9am on the Monday morning following each round.

  • When the injury is a head knock, they will also complete a Concussion Management Tool Form which will also be made available to the YJFL.

  • The YJFL will make a phone call to the parents select injured players in the week following the match to follow up on the injury.

  • Parents and players should seek professional medical advice to determine the appropriate time to return to play.

  • Please ensure in accordance with AFL Guidelines- "The Management of Sport- Related Concussion in Australian Football' you adhere to the AFL guidelines and enforce a mandatory minimum 21-day return to play if a player is diagnosed with concussion. The earliest that a player suffering a concussion can return to play is on the 21st day post the concussion incident provided they get medical clearance.

  • ALL players with a suspected concussion need a prompt medical assessment (with a registered medical doctor). This assessment can be provided by a medical doctor present at the venue, a local general practitioner or a hospital emergency department.

AFL Community Concussion Guidelines
AFL HeadCheck App
Colbrow Medics
Further Information

For further information please contact the YJFL at or phone 9850 6615

Managing Head Injuries

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