60 Girls Begin in the 2022 NAB League Season

24th January, 2022

The NAB League Girls season is underway for 2022 with an outstanding amount of current and former YJFL players involved.

Over 60 YJFL girls are playing in the NAB League this season, split between the Oakleigh Chargers, Northern Knights, Eastern Ranges and Calder Cannons.

The 2022 NAB League season will hold a 10-round season, with each team participating in nine matches. There are 13 partaking teams.

The first round started last weekend with Oakleigh (8.6-54) comfortably defeating Northern (4.4-28) and Eastern (5.8-38) getting the win over Calder (2.3-15).

The Oakleigh Chargers after coming off a premiership winning 2021 season has the most YJFL players with 33 out of their approximate 50 player list being former or current players. Oakleigh’s four girl leadership group includes Lexi McCulloch (Glen Iris & Kew Comets), Amelie Smith (Kew Rovers) and Jasmine Fleming (Ashburton).

In their first-round match nine players made their debuts for the club: Abbey Vicino (Ashburton), Amy Cariss-Brett (Kew Rovers), Allie, Carmenlia (Richmond), Emma Robbins (Camberwell), Ellie Brown (Kew Rovers), Kristen Smith (Kew Rovers), Sienna Tallariti (Whitehorse Colts) and Ruby Puls (Bulleen Templestowe).

Photo: Oakleigh Chargers Instagram

The Northern Knights have an equally impressive 26 YJFL players within their squad for 2022. Their leadership group consists of Captain Jess Nursey (St Marys), Vice-Captains Tannah Hurst (Banyule) and Lulu Beatty (Northcote) and in the extended leadership group Ava Jordan (Banyule) and Isabella Caminiti (Heidelberg).

Photo: Northern Knights Instagram

Making their debuts for the Knights in round one was Isabella Caminiti (Heidelberg), Isabella Parnell (Heidelberg) and Jessica Ryan (St Marys).

The Eastern Rangers host 3 YJFL players and were impressive in their first-round victory. Unfortunately, Jorja Livingstone (Park Orchards NRP) went down with a serious wrist injury in the final quarter, we wish her all the best with her recovery.

Photo: Eastern Rangers Instagram

And finally, the Calder Cannons have two Brunswick players on their list for 2022.


The complete list of YJFL Players in the 2022 NAB League Girls Season:

Oakleigh Chargers

  Name YJFL Club NAB #
1 Abbey Vicino Ashburton 5
2 Alessandra (Alli) Libertone Kew Bears 22
3 Alexandra (Lexi) McCulloch (Captain) Glen Iris & Kew Comets 4
4 Amelie Gladman Surrey Park 48
5 Amelie Smith (Captain) Kew Rovers 15
6 Amy Cariss-Brett Kew Rovers 36
7 Anabelle Gangi Kew Comets 47
8 Caitlin Matthews Camberwell Sharks 23
9 Carmenlia Smith Richmond 44
10 Catia Cococcia Kew Rovers 12
11 Charlotte Taylor Beverley Hills 7
12 Eleanor (Ellie) Brown Kew Rovers 48
13 Ella Royal Templestowe 37
14 Emily Tassiopoulos Kew Rovers 32
15 Emma Robins Camberwell Sharks 39
16 Evie King Kew Comets 50
17 Felicity Vanin Camberwell Sharks 20
18 Gabriella Rawlings Ashburton 26
19 Grace Osborne Canterbury Cobras 2
20 Jamie Piperkos Whitehorse Colts 38
21 Jasmine Fleming (Captain) Ashburton 10
22 Jemma Rigoni Ashburton  
23 Jorja Jackson Camberwell Sharks 14
24 Kristen Smith Kew Rovers 27
25 Lara Hausegger Doncaster 31
26 Lara Stevens Kew Rovers 46
27 Lucille (Lucy) Cronin Kew Comets 17
28 Maggie Mahony Glen Iris 33
29 Maiya Stobie Kew Rovers 49
30 Rianna Thiele Surrey Park 18
31 Roxy Maslin Richmond 35
32 Ruby Puls Bulleen Temp 6
33 Sarah Poustie Kew Comets 21
34 Sienna Tallariti Whitehorse Colts 28

Northern Knights

  Name YJFL Club NAB #
1 Ava Jordan (Leader) Banyule 14
2 Catherine Dynes St Marys
3 Chloe Kodagoda Parkside
4 Edie Bridgewater Macleod
5 Ella Smallacombe Kew Comets 22
6 Evie Lee Parkside 28
7 Isabella (Bella) Caminiti (Leader) Heidelberg 6
8 Isabella Parnell Heidelberg 7
9 Jemima Drake Banyule
10 Jessica Nursey (Captain) St Marys 24
11 Jessica Ryan St Marys 9
12 Karly Snow Ivanhoe
13 Keira Lindemans Parkside
14 Megan Barnes Banyule 33
15 Mia Papachristos St Marys
16 Molly McErlain Fitzroy 25
17 Nessa Cooney Hunt Parkside
18 Phoebe Nelson Fitzroy 1
19 Remy Archer Park Orchards
20 Rylie Wilcox Fitzroy 37
21 Saffron Nolan Banyule 8
22 Sophie Bone Ivanhoe
23 Sophie Smith Ivanhoe
24 Tahlia Plunkett St Marys 12
25 Tannah Hurst (Vice Captain) Banyule 40
26 Winnie Buckley Fitzroy

Eastern Rangers

Name YJFL Club NAB #
1 Isla Baldwin Doncaster
2 Jorja Livingstone Park Orchards NRP 3
3 Jade Hutchinson Park Orchards NRP 7

Calder Cannons

Name YJFL Club NAB #
1 Ellie Sbeghen Brunswick
2 Chloe Haritopoulos Brunswick