Yarra Magpies vs MPJFL Games Recap

8th July, 2021

Two great days of Representative Football from RJ Rowley Reserve Rye and Bulleen Park on Tuesday the 6th of July and Sunday the 7th of July respectively, were held where the top players of the YJFL and MPJFL played off in a great display of junior football.

Divisions 1 and 2 were chosen by the coaching groups and sent to play in Rye or Bulleen for a new partnership in junior football between the YJFL and MPJFL.

You can view all the games here: yarrajfl.org.au/2021-yma/

Game day action photos will be made available here: frankiephotography.fotomerchant.com/albums/juniors-interleague


U14 Boys Div 1

Q1: 7.4-46 vs 0.0-0
Q2: 14.6-90 vs 0.0-0
Q3: 22.9-141 vs 0.1-1
FT: 28.14-182 vs 0.1-1
Best on Ground: Sam Allen (YJFL)
Goal Kickers: E. LaMotte 4, L. Emmett 4, F. Kneipp 3, J. Orton 3, R. Moxon 3, W. Hart 2, S. Allen 2, J. Saxena 2, C. Windebank, O. Polan, I. Dugdale, N. Chandler, A. Sharkie
Best Players: S. Allen, E. LaMotte, I. Dugdale, N. Chandler, F. Kneipp, B. Fergusson

U14 Boys Div 2

Q1: 7.7-49 vs 0.0-0
Q2: 12.12-84 vs 0.0-0
Q3: 19.22-136 vs 0.0-0
FT: 25.28-178 vs 0.1-1
Best on Ground: James Hardinge (YJFL)
Goal Kickers: S. Vass 4, M. Folliard 3, W. Stephens 3, L. Young 3, Z. McCarthy 2, R. Hilton 2, O. Stambanis, M. Brown, H. Price, J. Hardinge, J. Papagianis , P. Green, T. Georgiou, L. Ham
Best Players: J. Hardinge, M. Clark, W. Stephens, S. Vass, R. Aminde, H. Dixon

U15 Girls Div 1

Q1: 0.0-1 vs 0.0-0
Q2: 2.3-13 vs 0.0-0
Q3: 4.6-30 vs 0.0-0
FT: 4.15-39 vs 0.0-0
Best on Ground: Sarah Poustie (YJFL)
YJFL Goals: Emma S, Chloe B, Sienna T, Teresia K

U15 Girls Div 2

Q1: 1.2-8 vs 1.0-6
Q2: 1.4-10 vs 2.0-12
Q3: 4.7-31 vs 2.0-12
FT: 5.8-38 vs 2.0-12
Best on Ground: Annabelle Gangi (YJFL)
Goal Kickers: T. Spowart, A. Gangi, A. Bourke, M. Servinis, L. Murrihy
Best Players: A. Gangi, T. Spowart, L. Murrihy, M. Servinis, M. Tarrant, A. Bourke

U15 Boys Div 1

Q1: 5.1-31 vs 1.0-6
Q2: 9.4-58 vs 2.0-12
Q3: 15.8-98 vs 4.0-24
FT: 21.11-137 vs 7.0-42
Best on Ground: Jagga Smith (YJFL)
Captain: Ty Kitchell (YJFL)
Best Players: J. Smith, J. Carelli, T. Kitchell, T. McCarthy, J. Dattoli, T. Gross
Goal Kickers: J. Dattoli 3, W. Ransom 3, O. Collinson 2, T. Gross 2, C. Wenn 2, L. McInerney 2, J. Carelli 2, C. Grummitt, N. Yze, T. Kitchell, B. O”Connor, Z. Cochrane

U15 Boys Div 2

Q1: 3.3-21 vs 1.2-8
Q2: 8.9-57 vs 1.2-8
Q3: 13.13-91 vs 1.3-9
FT: 19.18-132 vs 2.3-15
Best on Ground: Jordan Lombardo (YJFL)
Captain: Zac McGown (YJFL)
Goal Kickers: M. Angove 4, O. Carafa 3, T. Sterry 2, H. White, B. Leidler, Z. Thomas, B. Hamilton, Z. McGown, A. Motta, I. Gorman-Andrews, T. Lorenz, W. Richardson, R. O”Neill
Best Players: J. Lombardo, Z. McGown, Z. Thomas, T. Lorenz, W. Richardson, I. Gorman-Andrews

U16 Boys

Q1: 6.6-28 vs 1.0-6
Q2: 9.10-64 vs 2.0-12
Q3: 13.14-92 vs 2.1-13
FT: 17.15-117 vs 2.2-14
Best on Ground: Oscar White (& Captain) (YJFL)
Goal Kickers: J. Carey 5, S. Atkinson 3, O. White 2, M. Goodman, C. Nancarrow, B. Hill, C. Janevski, J. Allan, M. Bacon, M. Pantalone
Best Players: O. White, M. Goodman, B. Wolczko, C. Janevski, W. Sonderhof, B. Hill

U16 Girls/Youth Girls

Q1: 2.0-12 vs 0.1-1
Q2: 4.1-25 vs 1.2-8
Q3: 6.3-39 vs 3.2-20
FT: 7.4-46 vs 3.4-22
Best on Ground: Maiya Stobie (YJFL)
Goal Kickers: E. Robins 2, L. Stevens, M. Stobie, C. Harvey, A. Jordan, O. Perillo
Best Players: M. Stobie, L. Cronin, I. Baldwin, A. Cariss-Brett, L. Hausegger, A. Jordan