YMA Match Day 3&4 – U14, 15, 16 Boys, U15 & Youth Girls

5th July, 2021

This Tuesday and Wednesday the 6th and 7th of July the YJFL will for the first time take on the Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League.

In a new partnership the YJFL will see eight teams come up against the MPJFL down at the Peninsula and at home in Bulleen.

Across the two days the U15 Girls & U14,15 Boys will play their second game this week and the U16 Boys and Youth Girls will play their first and only representative game for this program.

All games will be live streamed to Facebook by our Digital Media Partners GameFace. Find the matches in their Facebook Group.

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You can find all information on the 2021 YMA program here: yarrajfl.org.au/2021-yma/

The football record is available here and a physical has been supplied to all players: issuu.com/yarrajfl/docs/yjfl_rep_record_final_v3.1

Photos will be available post game and are available to purchase at Frankie Photography’s Website


U15 Girls Div 1

Wednesday 7th July
Time: 10am
Location: Bulleen Park Oval No.1

Final teams

Div 1
2 Lucy Freeman Whitehorse Colts
4 Emma Stilve Whitehorse Colts
6 Chloe Kodagoda Parkside
10 Zoe Miriklis Park Orchards
13 Tess Reynolds Surrey Park
15 Lily Goodison Banyule
17 Charlotte Paonessa Banyule
18 Dahli Pestinger Brunswick
20 Roxy Maslin Richmond
26 Chloe Bown Kew Comets
27 Abbey Vicino Ashburton
33 Winnie Buckley Fitzroy
36 Tahlia Plunkett St Marys
37 Abbey Tyrrell Richmond
39 Holly Thomasz Whitehorse Colts
44 Saffron Nolan Banyule
45 Sienna Tallariti Whitehorse Colts
47 Zoe Hargreaves Fitzroy
50 Sarah Poustie Hawthorn Citizens
52 Remy Archer Park Orchards
56 Amelia Tarulli Surrey Park
57 Lara Moussa Templestowe
60 Jemima Drake Banyule
61 Teresia Koliavu Templestowe
65 Katie Oliver St Marys



U15 Girls Div 2

Tuesday 6th July
Time: 2pm
Location: RJ Rowley Reserve, Rye

Final teams

Div 2
1 Sienna Brabender Macleod
3 Madison Freeman Whitehorse Colts
5 Alice McCarthy North Brunswick
7 Hannah Taylor Park Orchards
8 Sophie Pont Ashburton
9 Annabel Bourke Heidelberg
19 Charlotte Freeman Whitehorse Colts
21 Lily Murrihy Richmond
22 Mia Krisohos Richmond
23 Kira Tashkoff North Brunswick
24 Mischa Beaconsfield Canterbury
28 Olivia Siegle Camberwell
29 Charlee Johnson Kew Comets
30 Chloe Popplewell Canterbury
31 Audrey James Hawthorn Citizens
32 Jessica Bennett Macleod
34 Katelyn Roberts Kew Comets
40 Mia Servinis Park Orchards
41 Imogen Harris Doncaster
42 Zara Mendlesohn Warrandyte
43 Morgan Benson Whitehorse Colts
46 Annabelle Gangi Kew Comets
49 Mahlia Tarrant Surrey Park
54 Phoebe Jorgensen Fitzroy
55 Maya Diamond Parkside
58 Natasha Petrevski Preston Bullants
59 Audrey Steinke St Marys


Youth Girls

Wednesday 7th July
Time: 12pm
Location: Bulleen Park Oval No.1

Final teams

# Name Club
1 Maiya Stobie Kew Rovers
6 Amy Cariss Brett Kew Rovers
7 Isla Baldwin Doncaster
8 Ava Jordan Banyule
10 Petra Edwards Park Orchards
11 Mikalee Maroney Ivanhoe
12 Ruby-Lily Howse St Marys
14 Catherine Dynes St Marys
21 Lucy Cronin Kew Comets
51 Emily Paxton Warrandyte
52 Jess Ryan St Marys
55 Lara Stevens Kew Rovers
56 Lia Ikosidekas Kew Rovers
58 Eva Mandy Fitzroy
59 Emma Robins Camberwell
61 Bridget Hudson Banyule
64 Lara Hausegger Doncaster
73 Chelsea Harvey Macleod
74 Edie Bridgewater Macleod
77 Olivia Perillo Banyule
79 Grace Deane Kew Rovers
82 Catia Coccocia Kew Rovers
84 Freya Hoo Preston
85 Sheila Jim Brunswick
Ash Bell Kew Comets


U14 Boys Div 1

Wednesday 7th July
Time: 2pm
Location: Bulleen Park Oval No.1

Final teams

Jumper # Name Club
3 Will Hart Kew Comets
4 Jai Saxena Beverley Hills
5 Cooper Windebank Macleod
8 Will Katic Kew Comets
13 Ethan Arnel St Marys
14 Sam Allen Glen Iris
15 Oliver Polan Beverley Hills
17 Nash Chandler Beverley Hills
18 Max Kondogiannis Kew Rovers
19 Roman Moxon Fitzroy
23 Benjamin Fergusson Camberwell
24 Sebastian Wolff Kew Comets
29 Degife Romari St Marys
33 Eddie McCorkell Camberwell
35 Ryan Commanduer St Marys
37 Will Darcy Glen Iris
39 Ned La Motte Canterbury
44 Tom  Eames St Marys
45 Isaac Dugdale St Marys
47 Duncan McKie Fitzroy
48 Aaron Sharkie Whitehorse Colts
49 James Orton Ashburton
53 Jamie Guymer Warrandyte
59 Louie Emmett Glen Iris
60 Felix Kneipp Fitzroy
65 Patrick Harmon Ashburton


U14 Boys Div 2

Tuesday 6th July
Time: 10am
Location: RJ Rowley Reserve, Rye

Final teams

Jumper # Name Club
1 Jack Papagianis Heidelberg
6 Jonathan Pucella Parade/St Damians
7 Tyson Mok Beverley Hills
9 Mason Harvie Beverley Hills
10 Charlie Cleary Banyule
11 Jack Allan Kew Comets
12 Hudson Price Parkside
16 Lachlan Ham Kew Rovers
21 Sam Vass Macleod
22 Will Harford Camberwell
26 Mackye Morrison Kew Rovers
27 Sam  Bagnara Ivanhoe
28 Riley  Hilton Camberwell
30 James Hardinge Templestowe
31 Harry Dixon Ashburton
32 Hamish Kenny Canterbury
34 Felix Kilworth Park Orchards
36 Zac McCarthy Kew Comets
38 Samuel Grlj Canterbury
41 Thomas Georgiou Preston Bullants
42 Max Folliard Heidelberg
43 Lachlan Young Bulleen Templestowe
46 Rylan Aminde St Marys
50 Blake  McManus Ivanhoe
51 Oscar Stambanis Surrey Park
52 Max Brown St Marys
54 Jack Fennell Richmond
55 Henry Lake Richmond
56 Phoenix Green Banyule
57 Mingara Clark Parkside
64 Billy Stephens Ivanhoe


U15 Boys Div 1

Wednesday 7th July
Time: 4pm
Location: Bulleen Park Oval No.1

Final teams

Jumper # Name Club
5 Joshua Carelli Preston Bullants
7 Braydon O’Connor Banyule
13 Charlie Opie Ivanhoe
19 Thomas Gross Kew Rovers
20 Noah Croaker Richmond
22 Lucas McInerney Heidelberg
25 William Hanlon Preston Bullants
26 Jagga Smith Richmond
29 Zane Cochrane Ivanhoe
31 Ty Kitchell St Marys
32 Will Dean St Marys
38 Tadhg McCarthy Kew Rovers
39 Zak Johnson St Marys
40 Noah Yze Ashburton
41 Liam Edwards Camberwell
42 Hamish Hudson Richmond
46 Ollie Collinson Richmond
47 Josh Smillie Park Orchards
48 Will Ransom Richmond
51 Charlie Grummitt Hawthorn Citizens
52 Charlie Wenn Boroondara Hawks
53 Josh Galstians Park Orchards
54 Alec Sellers Ashburton
55 Jesse Dattoli Ivanhoe
60 Roman Black Banyule
62 Harry McGrath Banyule


U15 Boys Div 2

Tuesday 6th July
Time: 12pm
Location: RJ Rowley Reserve, Rye

Final teams

Jumper # Name Club
1 Tyson Nagel Ivanhoe
2 Oscar Carafa Templestowe
3 Will Brewster Banyule
4 Daniel Shepherd Fitzroy
6 Jordan Lombardo Beverley Hills
8 Will Kaye Fitzroy
9 Lucas Wheatley Hawthorn Citizens
11 Iggy Gorman-Andrews Fitzroy
12 Riley O’Neill Beverley Hills
14 Sebastian Schmitt Kew Comets
15 Tristan Sterry Templestowe
16 Will Richardson Surrey Park
21 Hugh White Kew Rovers
23 Thomas Lorenz Kew Rovers
24 Liam Callaghan Kew Rovers
28 Blake Leidler Surrey Park
34 Alistair McQuire Brunswick
35 Sebastian Hood Ivanhoe
36 Noah Spiteri Ashburton
37 Jaxsyn Aminde St Marys
45 Zac McGown Warrandyte
49 Angus Teal Boroondara Hawks
50 Xavier Burns Ashburton
56 Max Angove Kew Rovers
57 Arie Motta Beverley Hills
58 Blake Hamilton St Marys
59 Zach Thomas St Marys
61 Julian Toll Kew Rovers
63 Samuel Amad Preston Bullants



U16 Boys

Wednesday 7th July
Time: 6pm
Location: Bulleen Park Oval No.1

Final teams

25 Matthew Mayes Camberwell
35 Ben Thomson Kew Comets
37 Max Casalaz Kew Comets
38 Nicholas Brennan
39 Jonah Allan Brunswick
40 Maison Goodman Ivanhoe
46 Matthew Pantalone Heidelberg
47 Nicholas Filippis Beverley Hills
49 Jack Drayton
51 Jack McKenna
52 Darcy Winstanley Fitzroy
53 Rory Sinclair
54 Ben Wolczko
56 Will Sonderhof
57 Samuel Atkinson
58 Todd Jacob
59 Niels Withoff
60 Cooper Janevski
61 Harry Guard
62 Ryder Jones
63 Charlie Nancarrow Ashburton
66 Oscar White Ashburton
67 Jack Carey Boroondara
68 Benjamin Hill Camberwell
70 Mitch Bacon Boroondara