Five Selected to Join the AFL Combine

7th September, 2020

The YJFL would like to congratulate the five former Yarra League players for being selected to join the 2020 AFL Draft Combine.

In a year of cancellations and unfortunate events the NAB League for the boys was unable to get underway leaving a huge pool of talent without a competition to showcase themselves. However, the AFL has still produced their list of invitees to attend the Draft Combine in 2020.

As talents couldn’t be chosen by their 2020 performances, NAB League coaches were asked to submit their list of preferred choices. Those players who also competed in the NAB AFL Academy at under-17s level last year, and those who played in the 2019 Grand Final day All Stars match, were an automatic inclusion.

Five players who formally played in the YJFL have been chosen to attend the combine. We would like to congratulate:

Player YJFL Club NAB League Club
Bailey Laurie Beverley Hills Oakleigh Chargers
Finlay Macrae Kew Rovers Oakleigh Chargers
Liam Kolar St Mary’s Northern Knights
Reef McInnes Canterbury, Boroondara, Surrey Park Oakleigh Chargers
Will Phillips Beverley Hills Oakleigh Chargers

Victorian Combine dates and venue are yet to be determined.