AFL Vic Metro Champs


AFL Victoria Metro Junior Championships 2017 Selection Process

  1. Field days held to view invited and Club nominated players
  2. Coaching Group will review Match Footage and put together an initial training squad
  3. Initial squad will commence training in early April
  4. Development Coaches will view early rounds of season to identify additional players
  5. Identified players will be invited to join the squad
  6. Final Teams (2 X 26 Players) will be lodged with AFL Victoria
  7. Teams will participate in the AFL Victoria Metropolitan Junior Championships


When selecting the team, the coaches are looking at particular qualities that they know will provide us with a competitive team.

At the top of their list is:

  • The ability to win your own ball
  • Ability to hit targets by foot (quality kicking skills)
  • Good decision making skills e.g. don’t rush, don’t panic under pressure, know when to leave your direct opponent to attack the ball
  • Ability to read the play e.g. smart running patterns, know how to get to where the ball will be rather than where it is


Player Medical Information Form