Season 2014


On behalf of the Board of Yarra Junior Football League I would like to welcome you all to season 2014. We all look forward to another year where the youth of the league get to enjoy our great Aussie game in the best possible environment.

 In order to ensure that the environment is the best possible, we as league officials, club coaches & officials, parents and friends of the players need to be fully responsible for a healthy, safe, friendly and sportsperson like atmosphere that exists throughout the season and beyond---our youth deserve that at the very least.

 Our game is emotional as with most sports but it is up to the adults to ensure that emotion is kept in perspective in order that the kids enjoy playing the game----after all they only continue playing the game if their experiences are second to none.

 It is widely recognized that the most important persons in any club are the coaches---they either make or break the enjoyment the youth get out of the game.

 At league headquarters there have been some changes since season 2013.

Peter Nicholls             

Now General Manager  (Peter has been with the YJFL since inception 18 years ago)

Shaun Dowling           

Football Operations Manager (Shaun has been involved with football activities at club level for over 10 years before joining the league in 2014)

YJFL Board


Peter Haddad             


Peter Graham             

Vice President and Director Umpires

David Miller                

Director Football

Lesley Langley            

Director Conduct

Ian Gray                        

Director Finance

Alan Vickery                

Director Club Communications  (new in 2014)

Jeff Hooper                 

Director Female Football (new in 2014)

Peter Norris                 

Director Business Partnerships  (new in 2014)

The YJFL Youth committee for 2014 has reconvened recently and we can look forward to their presence and activities during this year.

The committee is as follows:


Zac Slattery (President 1st YJFL Youth Committee)


Mitch Harris

Vice President: 

Flynn Siassos


Max Viano


Caitlin Bryan


Ed Phillips


Josh Robinson


Chris Campbell


Josh Richards

The committee will be working with World Vision to raise funds for a project (yet to be determined) and also looking to assist various communities within the league during 2014. We are very proud of these young members of the league.

With best wishes for a healthy and happy 2014

Peter Haddad